Melindria Ak'Zertainlaron

The Betrothed of Etri Al'Galialdron


The eldest daughter of an Eladrin lord that is well placed in the order of succession for the Eladrin throne, she was betrothed to Etri in their 5th year of life. Etri’s parents paid a hefty dowry in hopes the eventual marriage would result in either Etri or one of his progeny gaining the Eladrin Kingship. Etri has never felt that arrainged marriages make sense, he’s a romantic and wants to find his heart’s own desire. Besides, he’d rather earn a place of honor through his own deeds and accomplishments not through marriage.

The two have not seen each other since the betrothal ceremony. She has never even written to Etri though that isn’t uncommon in these arraingements. She understands her obligations to her family and is prepared to make the best of the hand she’s been dealt. She hopes that in the fertile soil she will provide that a seed of love can grow so that she may find happiness. She is not unhappy however that the start of Etri’s adventuring career will most likely delay the marriage for some years. She hopes to experience as much of the world as she can before her wedding. She only hopes that there will be time enough before steps are taken by the families to reign Etri in.

Melindria Ak'Zertainlaron

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