Etri Al'Galialdron

Eladrin Wizard, Slayer of Cinruth


Str: 8 Con: 11 Dex: 18 Int: 18 Wis: 12 Chr: 11
AC:16 Fort:11 Refx:15 Will:14
HP:25 Surge:5/day of 6hp
+5 Save vs Charm +2 Save vs Fear
Passive Insight: 17 Passive Percept: 17 Low Light Vision
Initiative: +5 Speed: 6

At Will Powers

Magic Missile

Encounter Powers

Chill Strike
Fey Step
Icy Rays

Daily Powers

Flaming Sphere
Freezing Cloud


Ritual Casting
Jack of all Trades


An Eladrin Wizard.

He grew up in a Feywild city that appears near one of the central forrests. His family has a long and storied history (hence the honorific prefix Al’) but in recent times the story has been more about the ever growing ancestral home and financial dealings than the family’s exploits. Etri was recognized at birth as being gifted magically and was trained in the ways of wizardry from the day he could understand (if not speak) language. And though not overly strong, he found the dance of sword and spear came easily enough to him as well.

Eventually he succumbed to the wanderlust that used to be an infamous trait in his family and he made his way to the human lands just beyond his home. He is determined to set his family’s future history firmly on the path of action, great deeds, and high adventure.

He has firmly landed upon his chosen path by becoming the ‘Slayer of Cinruth’ the leader of the red hand tribe of hobgoblins that plagued the village of Brindol. He mounted the beast’s severed head in the village’s hall of honor with a plaque to commemorate the deed. He has also acquired a set of Shimmering Armor which will ease him along his road.

Etri Al'Galialdron

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