Balasar Bloodbane

Dragonborn Fighter


STR 18; CON 16; DEX 12; INT 8; WIS 10; CHA 14 AC: 19; HP: 31; Bastard Sword; Scalemail Armor and Large Shield; 16 FORT; 13 REF; 12 WILL; 6’8” Tall Bronze scaled Dragonborn with red eyes.


Balasar Bloodbane hails form the realm of Tymanther. He is a proud, honor=-bound warrior, with a driving spirt matched by none. He is reserved when it comes to social interactions. He does not trust easily, however, when his trust is give it is nearly unbreakable. In a fight Balasar is fierce, driven, and unshakeable. He also has a tendency to be stern, dutiful, and commanding when in hte heat of battle. To his friends he can also be kind-hearted when necessary. After spending five years in the Dragonborn Army as an Infantry Sergeant, Balasar was chosen to go out and explore the world of Faerun as an emissary of the Dragonborn Race, by the Vanquisher Tarhun himself. During his time in the infantry Balasar earned quite a reputation for his strength and skill with the Bastard Sword. Balasar has no living relatives in Djerad Thymar. The Vanquisher Tarhun has a personal interest in Balasar, for he is one of his offspring. A fact that has not yet been reveiled to Balasar. It would be a great honor for the Vanquisher Tarhun to be replaced by one of his offspring. In order to become the Vanquisher, Balasar must first show that he has the respect of the Dragonborn people. He must also become a master of combat. Upon his return to Tymanther he will be recieved as a hero, and therefore can rise to the rank of general in the Dragonborn Army. If Balasar can achieve all this and have slain a Dragon, he will be the next Vanquisher. Balasar must first gain the respect of his fellow adventures, which will be no small task since most of Faerun has little or no direct knowlege of the Dragonborn people.

Balasar Bloodbane

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