Welcome to the Gray Vale.

This is a 4E game with very few house rules. We’re playing this game in accordance with the rules set forth by the RPGA. Though this campaign is not an RPGA campaign, having the RPGA rules to guide us is helpful for us.

I originally intended to adopt the Scales of War Adventure Path as published in Dungeon Magazine to the Forgotten Realms game setting, I found that was increasingly difficult to do as the Adventure Path progressed. It was decided after the first game, and after I read the third installment of the Scales of War, that it would be set in the Scales of War ‘world’.

The core of our group is a troop of close friends who have been playing for years. All of us are returning to gaming because of the introduction of the 4E rules. I’m going to see if I can build the kind of game that allows for full suspension of disbelief, with a good mix of role-playing, combat, and non-combat encounters.

We have a group of four players, with room for a couple more. If this kind of game interests you, please, feel free to contact me. Please understand, we are playing this game the old fashioned way, face to face, at a table, in Ocean County, New Jersey. We’re not going to be playing this online or by phone.

Thanks for your interest.

The Gray Vale War

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